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Become a VISTA

Become a VISTA

Prevention Resource Center VISTA members assist in carrying out the mission of the Prevention Resource Center to create an environment in which young people can lead healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives outside the clutches of poverty. The Prevention Resource Center strives to reduce child abuse and neglect, youth substance abuse, juvenile crime and violence, teen pregnancy, school dropouts, and childhood hunger.

VISTA members work to build the capacity of communities to mitigate social and health risk factors by forming partnerships and coalitions, mobilizing resources from public and private entities and establishing community service as a major solution to combating poverty at the community level. Duties will require a great deal of coordination and collaboration with state and local agencies and non-profit groups. VISTA members will work to build the capacity of communities by forming partnerships and mobilizing resources from public and private entities.

VISTAs will also identify current activities, resources and needs in the community; work with local community development councils to gather and review data and establish goals/objectives; expand the use of volunteers and community service programs; write and coordinate grants; build lasting community coalitions; establish mentoring programs for youth.

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