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Yellowstone County Resources


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Healthy Start Programs

County Office of Public Assistance


111 North 31st Street, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 256-6950

The Office of Public Assistance administers Medicaid and other financial programs for income-eligible children and families.

ECI-Early Childhood Intervention


415 N. 30th Street, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: 247-3800

Provide home-based services to children from birth to age 3.

Follow Me/MIAMI (Montana Initiative for the Abatement of Mortality Infants) Projects


Yellowstone City-County Health Department 123 South 27th, P.O. Box 35033, Billings, Montana 59107 Telephone: (406) 247-3360

Provides follow-up services to high risk pregnant women and families with newborn children. The goal of the MIAMI project is to improve pregnancy outcomes in Yellowstone County. The project provides education on healthy lifestyles during pregnancy, financial assistance to eligible women, assistance with obtaining prenatal and other appropriate community resources.

Yellowstone County Head Start, Inc.


615 North 19th, PO Box 2056, Billings, Montana 59103 Telephone: (406) 245-7233

Federally funded, private, non-profit child development program which also offers social, nutritional, health, and transportation services. This program is free of charge to families who are income eligible according to the Federal poverty index.

Yellowstone County Health Department


123 South 27th St., Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 247-3360

Contact for more information on immunizations for children.

Information Sources

Parmly Billings Library


510 Norh Broadway, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 657-8258 (contact Dee Ann Redman)

The Community Resources database allows Parmly Billings Library to supply information to service providers and the public about social service agencies and other organizations in Billings and Yellowstone County. Data provided includes directory information, services, and eligibilities, and is searchable by organization name, subject or keyword. The database is part of the Library's catalog system and is currently accessible in the Library or via modem dial-up at (406) 657-8287.

Marketable Skills Programs



County Extension Office Courthouse, Room 2, P.O. Box 35021, Billings, Montana 59107 Telephone: (406) 256-2828; Fax: 256-2736

As a program of MSU Extension Services, 4-H is part of the nation- wide Extension network that links research-based knowledge and technology to people where they live and work. In Montana, Extension faculty members work directly with adult and teen volunteer leaders, local advisory groups and others.

Friendship House


3123 8th Ave. South, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 259-5569

"Explore Work Life" is a program for teens between the ages of 13-15, which helps teen with budgeting and finding a job.

Hire-A-Teen Hotline


490 N. 30th Ste 206, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 256-2195

Junior Achievement


P.O. Box 7093, Billings, Montana 59103 Telephone: (406) 657-4393

Provides an educational program to grade schools, middle schools, and high schools that teaches the fundamentals of running a business.

Montana Conservation Corps (MCC)


201 South 30th Street, Billings, MT 59101 Telephone: (406) 248-7913

The Montana Conservation Corps is an AmeriCorps volunteer program which operates crews in Billings, Bozeman, Boulder, Kalispell and Missoula. Each year these crews complete a variety of service projects addressing community needs including: repair of senior citizen homes, distributing food to the needy, teaching disabled people how to ski, and repairing buildings for non-profit agencies. Other projects include: 130 miles of trail construction and maintenance, 25 miles of fence building, 5 miles of stream rehabilitation, 100 abandoned mine closures, 5 playgrounds installed, and 20 parks improved. MCC also operates the Corps LINK program which is an alternative restorative justice program of the MCC. It engages youth-at-risk (ages 12 to 18) in service projects that promote accountability. Meaningful work becomes a pathway through which youth contribute to their communities. Each year over 500 youth are guided and mentored by MCC members.

School to Work


Billings Public Schools - Lincoln Education Center 415 North 30th Street, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 247-4742

Work Readiness Component (WoRC)


7 North 31 Street, P.O. Box 2016, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 248-2943

An employment and training business that includes adult basic education.

Mentoring Programs

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County


P.O. Box 2217, Billings, MT 59103 Telephone: (406) 248-2229; Fax: (406) 252-9938

A federation of more than 500 agencies nationwide whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of young people, primarily through professional supported one-to-one relationships with a caring adult.

Building Skills for Adulthood (Tumbleweed)


2325, 9th Ave. North, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 259-2558

The program focuses on preparing youth in care 16 years of age and older for transition to adult community living by matching the youth with a mentor and a multi-disciplinary team. This team then works with the youth on skill development including establishing a support system, being able to access community resources and making responsible informed decisions.

P.L.U.K. (Parents Let's Unite for Kids)


516 North 32nd, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 657-2055

HOSTS (Helping One Student to Succeed) The Lincoln Center 415 N. 30th, Rm 300, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 247-3766

Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Programs

Coalition against Domestic Violence


YWCA Gateway House 909 Wyoming Ave, Billings, Montana 59102 Telephone: (406)245-4472; Crisis: (406) 259-8100

24 hour shelter and help line for domestic violence.

Partnership Project to Strengthen Families


P.O. Box 21366, Billings, Montana 59104 Telephone: (406) 256-7783

A home visitor program focusing on developing family strengths and breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect. Emphasis is placed on building parenting and related skills that provide alternative responses to family stress and life challenges.

The Family Tree Center


1001 North 30th, Billings, Montana 59602 Telephone: (406) 252-9799

Provides support for families and children and prevention education in the schools of Yellowstone County.

Prevention of Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse Programs

Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities


Telephone: (406) 444-5663

This is a federally funded program through which every school in Montana can apply. Once an application is approved, a base allocation will be provided in order to begin drug prevention programs, etc. in the school and community. After a school has been approved they have the option to apply for a "Greatest Need" grant, which provides extra money to 12- 14 schools. The Greatest Need grant is a competitive grant and is awarded on the basis of greatest need. Contact their office for more information on obtaining an application.

Prevention of Teen Pregnancy Programs

Birthright Pregnancy Center


1537 Avenue D, Suite 144, Billings, Montana 59102 Telephone: (406) 245-6600

Provides free and confidential pregnancy services.

Planned Parenthood of Billings, Inc.


721 North 29th, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 248-3636

Provides confidential reproductive health care services on a sliding- fee scale.

Young Families


P.O. Box 21240, Billings, Montana 59104 Telephone: (406) 259-2007

Education and infant day care for young parents to encourage high school graduation. Programs to prevent additional pregnancies.

Safe Places and Structured Activity Programs

Amend Park Development Council


P.O. Box 1231, Billings, MT 59103 Telephone: (406) 259-7219

Provides multiple use park facilities to allow the creation of relationships between children and adults and creates a safe place and activities for youth during non-school hours.

Boy Scouts


1015 Broadwater Ave., Billings, Montana 59102 Telephone: (406) 259-4513

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to serve others by helping to instill values in young people and in other ways to prepare them to make ethical choices over their lifetime in achieving their full potential.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Billings and Yellowstone County


505 Orchard Lane, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 245-2582

Educational Recreation Facility for kids aged 6 to 18.

CASA (Community After School Activities)


101 10th St. West, Billings, Montana 59102 Telephone: (406) 259-5630

Friendship House


3123 8th Ave. South, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 259-5569

An after-school program for children between the ages 4-12. "Explore Work Life" is a program for teens between the ages of 13-15, which helps teen with budgeting and finding a job.

Treasure Trails Girl Scouts


1015 Broadwater Ave., Billings, Montana 59102 Telephone: (406) 259-2158

The mission of the Girl Scouts is to inspire girls with the highest ideals of character, conduct, patriotism, and service that they may become happy and resourceful citizens.



402 N. 32nd St., Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 248-1685

Provides recreational activities for youth and after-school child care.

Volunteer Service and Recruitment Programs

FGP - Foster Grandparent Program


P.O. Box 35200, Billings, MT 59101 Telephone: (406) 647-7280

Link for low income senior citizens to volunteer to work with children in the community.

Junior League of Billings, Inc.


2103 Grand Avenue, Billings, Montana 59102 Telephone: (406) 652-6272

Organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through action.

RSVP - Retired Senior Volunteer Program


360 North 23rd St., Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 245-6177

Coordinates volunteers who contribute service hours in the community. Anyone 55 years or older is eligible to join.

United Way Volunteer Center


2920 2nd Ave. North, Billings, Montana 59101 Telephone: (406) 252-3839

Mobilizes people and resources to deliver creative solutions to community problems. Provides Recruitment and Referral Resources.

Volunteer Montana!


United Way of Yellowstone County 2920 2nd Ave., N., Billings, Montana 59101 (406) 252-3839

The United Way of Yellowstone County is the local coordinating site for Volunteer Montana! Numerous Billings agencies sponsor VMC's to set up or enhance effective volunteer programs for agencies with critical needs.

Page last updated: 12/27/2010