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Roosevelt County Resources


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Healthy Start Programs

Follow Me/MIAMI (Montana Initiative for the Abatement of Mortality Infants) Projects


400 2nd Avenue South, Wolf Point, Montana 59201 Telephone: (406) 653-1590

Provides follow-up services to high risk pregnant women and families with newborn children. The goal of the MIAMI project is to improve pregnancy outcomes in Roosevelt County. The project provides education on healthy lifestyles during pregnancy, financial assistance to eligible women, assistance with obtaining prenatal and other appropriate community resources.

Fort Peck County Head Start, Inc.


P.O. Box 1027, Poplar, Montana 59255 Telephone: (406) 768-5515 ext. 348

Federally funded, private, non-profit child development program which also offers social, nutritional, health, and transportation services. This program is free of charge to families who are income eligible according to the Federal poverty index.

Roosevelt County Health Department


400 2nd Avenue South, Wolf Point, Montana 59201

Contact for more information on immunizations for children.

Prevention of Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse Programs

Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities


Telephone: (406) 444-5663

This is a federally funded program through which every school in Montana can apply. Once an application is approved, a base allocation will be provided in order to begin drug prevention programs, etc. in the school and community. After a school has been approved they have the option to apply for a "Greatest Need" grant, which provides extra money to 12- 14 schools. The Greatest Need grant is a competitive grant and is awarded on the basis of greatest need. Contact their office for more information on obtaining an application.

Volunteer Service and Recruitment Programs

RSVP - Retired Senior Volunteer Program


230 Main Street, Wolf Point, Montana 59201 Telephone: (406) 653-1960

Coordinates volunteers who contribute service hours in the community. Anyone 55 years or older is eligible to join.

Page last updated: 12/27/2010