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Broadwater County Resources


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Grant-Awarded Programs

Broadwater County/Townsend Social Services Committee


P.O. Box 233, Townsend, Montana 59644 Telephone: (406) 266-3942

Recipient of $10,000 grant from the Turner Foundation. Program activities implemented include: Training for youth and adult leaders to develop and implement a youth coalition to address health and social issues impacting youth, food service drive, renovating building for a youth center, 6-week parenting workshop offered, after-school programs, and a Summer Health Enhancement camp.

Prevention of Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse Programs

Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities


Telephone: (406) 444-5663

This is a federally funded program through which every school in Montana can apply. Once an application is approved, a base allocation will be provided in order to begin drug prevention programs, etc. in the school and community. After a school has been approved they have the option to apply for a "Greatest Need" grant, which provides extra money to 12- 14 schools. The Greatest Need grant is a competitive grant and is awarded on the basis of greatest need. Contact their office for more information on obtaining an application.

Page last updated: 12/27/2010