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Recruiting Locally

Local Recruitment

  • Local recruitment has been very successful in the past.  Use your networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, newsletters, volunteer websites (like VolunteerMatch or United We Serve), etc. - to promote your VISTA opportunity.  The PRC can only do so much so use what you have and you will likely find an excellent applicant for your VISTA position. Your success is determined on your efforts so don’t be afraid to try new things!
  • Collaborate within your organization or with other organizations in your community who are also recruiting VISTAs.  Sharing responsibility will lighten your work load and is beneficial to all involved.  Who knows, your partners may even have a list of applicants they were unable to place who may be perfect for your program.
  • Enlist the help of current VISTAs.  Current and former VISTA Leaders and VISTAs are excellent sources for helping you identify individuals who have the experience and motivation to become VISTAs.  Discuss with them their reasons for joining VISTA and have them identify ways to reach individuals with similar motivations.
  • Network. People often decide to do something because someone they respect or trust has suggested it.  Ask college placement officers, professors, and community leaders to promote VISTA and your project.
  • The VISTA Campus offers useful information and an easy way to connect with and share ideas with fellow supervisors, including around recruitment.
  • Develop thoughtful interview questions that are relevant to your VISTA project. Download sample questions to get a better understanding of the types of questions to ask. Feel free to make changes that fit your needs.