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About Applicants

About the Applicants

Some statistics about our placed VISTAs:

  • Slightly over 80% of our members have been female.
  • The average age of a member when they start is 28.5 years, with a median of 25 years and a mode of 22 years old. Our youngest members have been 19, with our oldest being 67 years old.
  • The applicants have come from all over the country as well as locally, from both urban and rural areas.

One thing to keep in mind is that you may not get a perfect fit. There's no way to predict how many applicants there will be for a given recruitment period. Because of this, waiting for the perfect candidate is a bad strategy. Applicants typically are interviewing with multiple sites, and sometimes other projects. If a candidate seems like a good fit, it is in your best interest to consider placing them. Remember, while you can't make an official offer, you can express interest, and tell them that you would like to seek approval to get them placed at your site.

On the other hand, even though the PRC offers additional orientation, training and support during the term of service, the selection of a responsible, qualified VISTA candidate is the single most important step toward a successful year of service. In other words, don't select someone that isn't right for the position just because you're afraid of not filling the position. If you do, you may get a year of headaches, and create more work for yourself, rather than expanding the capacity of your organization.